Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO Services

Ethical Champ is a blog management service made up of a team of SEO experts and North American based writers. We will happily work with you every step of the way, or take over as virtual assistants freeing up time for you to run your business.

We create high-quality, amazing content related to your business for your blog. The articles will be SEO optimized for keywords, feature backlinks to the most important pages on your website, and feature beautiful photos to engage interest with your readers. Once the article is published, we will promote your article to drive traffic on social media.

Businesses who have active blogs are seen as authorities in their industry. Having a successful blog not only generates targeted traffic to your business, but it allows you to establish yourself as a company that someone can trust and rely on.

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How Does this Work?

Step 1: Keyword Research

Once you have decided on which monthly Blog Management Service works best for you, we recommend a quick phone call or Skype meeting so we can learn about your business and goals. From there we create a list of keywords and article topics we feel will generate the most interest in your blog.

Step 2: Content Creation

Ethical Champ’s team of skilled writers will create awesome content for your blog. We prepare everything for you and send you a final screenshot of the end result awaiting your approval. Your level of involvement is your decision, we are happy to check with you every step of the way, or work as virtual assistants and run your blog for you.

Step 3: Promotion

Unlike other blog management companies, Ethical Champ goes the extra mile to ensure that the content we create for you is promoted on social media and submitted to news outlets that will gain the most traction. Our goal is to provide an excellent blog management service experience that frees up time for you to run your business.

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Value Beyond Words

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Targeted to Your Audience

Stop wasting money on banners and paid advertising. Have targeted content created for your blog that you can use to promote your business on social media. The articles also have the ability to bring in targeted traffic organically from those searching for content related to the subject the articles cover.

Increased Website Traffic

Each article has the potential to bring in new customers by providing answers to common questions in your industry. Beat out your competition by providing a valuable source of information while establishing a trustworthy brand.

 SEO Optimized

Each article will be optimized to rank for a specific search term or question in search engines. Our goal is to create amazing content that is also “evergreen.”

Evergreen content is something that is timeless. Something you can read in a month, or even a year, that is still relevant and doesn’t require updating.

 Built to Share

Not only will articles be built to be “share-worthy” on social media, but the images will be customized to look good on all platforms. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram require images in articles to be of a certain size to look good on all media outlets (computer, phone, tablet).

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you create high quality, specialized, original content for different customers?

In the early stages, we set up a quick meeting (phone, Skype, etc) to go over the clients’ business. We do our best to research your website and prioritize what key elements need to be delivered through the content we create. It would be naive to assume we can get our writers to cover all subjects without research. So the more helpful the client is in the early stages, the easier it is for us to target our goals.

What makes you different than any other digital marketing company?

Our clients know exactly what they’re getting with our straightforward month to month blog management service packages. Instead of throwing money at banners, link building, SEO, or paid text advertising, we are creating high-quality content that is targeted to a clients niche audience. Our goal is to create “evergreen” content that can bring in potential customers again and again.

What promotional services/tactics do you provide once the article goes live?

We will share the article for you on all social media outlets that fit your targeted niche. Blogpost images are also custom cropped for “best practice” social sharing, making your article look awesome no matter where it’s shared. Also, depending on your needs, we provide additional services such as building newsletters with the articles we create for your email subscribers, or running your social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Speed Improvements

Google uses a number of factors to determine how to rank your website in search results. Typically, these factors are either related to the content of a page itself or measurements of the authenticity of the site.

However, in 2010, Google announced that site speed would also begin to have an impact on search results, making the rate at which someone could view the content from a search result a factor. Unfortunately, the exact definition of “site speed” remained open to speculation. Nevertheless, best practices involve optimizing file sizes to make pages load faster. This includes compressing the code on your website and reducing the file sizes of things such as images.

Aside from the obvious benefits of improving your search results, even on a small scale, the noticeable loading time improvements will have a more positive impact on your conversion rate with your customers.

Content Creation

Content creation is the most compelling aspect of Ethical Champ’s SEO campaigns. Creating and promoting high-quality content can be far more effective than any aggressive advertising strategy.

Taking an outside the box approach to creating high-quality content that showcases your business or website in a different light will offer value to your readers indefinitely, and show off your skills even before they choose to pick up the phone.

A perfect example would be a “Top 10 List” article. A focused article on your demographic filled with information, tips, and solutions is a simple way to win over someone’s trust. The article would be entirely designed and promoted by Ethical Champ and used as a promotional tool that comes off as a helpful piece of information, rather than a pushy advertisement that people are now naturally ignoring throughout their everyday browsing.

On Page SEO Repair

On-page SEO is necessary as it is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals that are directed to a page. On Page is everything related to one individual page or post at your website.

On Page SEO is optimizing the HMTL (the code of your website) and the content on the page to be organized in a descriptive manner to help search engines like Google crawl your site easier to better understand the purpose and value of your site. Important articles or pages on your website that are bringing in organic traffic are top priority for ensuring they are optimized for best on-page SEO practices.

Google Analytics

Ethical Champ filters all of your data and provides easy to read reports to save you time.

Utilizing Google Analytics will allow you to track important statistics and information about your website. Knowing how many people are using your site, where they are from, your most popular pages, and so much more can be extremely beneficial to your business, whether a large company or a small start-up, as it can help you to see how effective and successful your online presence is by displaying a breakdown of all of this traffic information.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite combines analytics, tagging, site optimization, data visualization, market research, attribution, and audience management into a powerful measurement solution for your business. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, cross-product data integration helps your enterprise gain useful insights and get better results every day.

Google Adwords

AdWords (Google AdWords) is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network. The AdWords program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click on the ads.

The ad service is largely focused on keywords.

Businesses that use AdWords can create relevant ads using keywords that people who search the Web using the Google search engine would use. The keyword, when searched for, triggers your ad to be shown. AdWords are the top ads that appear under the heading “Sponsored Links” found on the right-hand side or above Google search results. If your AdWords ad is clicked on, Google search users are then directed to your website.