About Ethical Champ

Ethical Champ is an anagram of Michael Patch

Ethical Champ started in 2017 as a small group of SEOs and Bloggers united by a mission, helping businesses with the one thing they wish they had more time to do: Blog.

Mike Patch started working with WordPress in 2006. He has designed websites for many prestigious firms, clients, and even universities. However, the real reason Mike became an SEO and pro blogger was a pure accident. Back in the summer of 2007, Mike wrote an article that went viral. The piece sat at the top of Google for a popular search term for months. As just a casual blogger at the time, Mike got to see first-hand organic traffic pour into his website without having to do a thing. A few hours worth of time turned into thousands of readers for his blog. Over time, the article slowly began to slip out of the top position as competitors wrote similar articles, but the whole experience was an awakening. Mike then spent the better part of the next few years learning about search engine optimization, ranking in Google, and the power of blogging.

Mike has sat on both sides of the table, working as a freelancer and SEO while also owning businesses that require him to hire writers and marketers. After years of managing blogs, working with editors and SEO’s, Mike realized there was an opportunity to create something special.

Blogging is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult for a business to effectively create content without having a person working full time in-house. Ethical Champ’s goal is to be your company’s in-house SEO and blog manager at a fraction of the cost.