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Ethical Champ is a digital marketing company that specializes in Organic SEO services. We can work with you in several ways, including consulting for best practice advice to improve your website’s rankings in Google or a hands-on approach where we work as virtual assistants creating and optimizing organic content, freeing up time for you to run your business.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO servicesMost businesses are in a constant battle for local SEO, where they want the top spot in google listings and maps. Organic SEO is an outside the box approach to bringing targeted traffic to your site.

Organic SEO is creating content targeting keywords that are related to your business but focus on providing information or news to the reader.

For example, a realtor could have a blog on his website that talks about the 10 best things happening in the city he sells homes. The article intends to provide real information about a new park opening up, low crime rates and new buildings set to be built. The goal is to rank the article for a popular search term or shared on social media platforms.

Where traditional advertising is in your face with banners, signs, and commercials, organic SEO services is about showcasing your talents, knowledgebase, and pitch your services in long-form content.


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