Mike is a very down to earth person who loves designing websites and is fascinated with online conversion tactics and WordPress optimization. According to Mike, every website should load fast, look great in all formats, and be aesthetically pleasing.

Mike started working with WordPress in 2006. He has designed websites for many prestigious firms, clients, and even universities.

As a true believer of customer relations, Mike strives to create useful websites that accomplish a goal or task. Having a website that doesn’t convert clients or customers is not worth having. Ethical Champ goes beyond the design process by helping clients install tracking analytics and creating reports to help ensure progress is being made with one’s website.

Mike has a great deal of knowledge in growth hacking and understands how to make the most of an advertising budget. He can provide sound SEO marketing and consulting advice in all areas needed for a client’s business. The hands-on approach when strategizing options and solutions is an aspect that is taken with great pride, as being the trusted voice whenever needed is something that Mike relishes in.

Every website is different, and the standard cookie-cutter template cannot be applied to your business if you want to truly succeed. Yet the most important first step in creating an effective website is to identify your demographic. Designing and promoting a website that doesn’t agree with the type of readers that often visit your site could be off-putting. Putting yourself in the shoes of potential clients and customers that visit your site is the kind of outside the box thinking that Mike excels at. A strategic layout to maximize the most clicks will result in more calls and requests for your business.

Michael Patch